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MorningSky Drum Song $12.00
Second Skin $12.00
Blue Coyote $12.00
Let In The Joy $11.00
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     “Tice is a multi-talented musician…mixing beautiful folk ballads like The Dawn      with  spiritual pieces (Ceremony and Triangle) and even some spoken word.   She stands firmly in two different cultures…with songs of the highest quality.” 

                                                                                          FolkWorld, EU/GERMANY

"Jackie Tice's songs wear's her unsentimental stance and observant eye that give Tice's songs their edge."

Todd Dawson, Express-Times


New Recordings


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  One Nation ... 03:43

  Forgotten Dreams ... 04:40

MorningSky Drum Song


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  Ceremony ... 03:17  

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  Ecu Ama ... 03:01  
  The Dawn ... 04:45
  White Blanket ... 01:48
  Crow Talk ... 03:39  
  Four Days ... 04:47
  New Day ... 02:37  
  Triangle ... 03:52  
  Red Horse... 04:29
  Morningsky Drum Song ... 02:35

Album Credits:

Jacqline Wolf Tice

Acoustic Guitar, Native American 6 hole flutes by Odell Borg and Night Eagle. Double Flute by Hawk Little John. Rattle. Vocals.

Todd Scheid

Djembe, Shakere, Cymbals, Shakers, Bass Drum

William ("Billy") Hall – Background vocals

Jackie Tice exclusively uses John Pearse Strings on her custom Brazilian Rosewood jumbo concert acoustic, handcrafted by Oregon luthier, John Sullivan.

Artist Notes:

I loved making this record with a living-room concert feeling to it, featuring acoustic guitar work, straightforward soul-filled vocals and the six-hole Native American Flute. The simplicity of this collection is one of its strengths. Since its release, the album has earned two 2009 Indian Summer Music Awards nominations (Flute and Folk categories) and a Best Female Artist nomination in the 11th Annual Native American Music Awards (NAMMY’s).


Second Skin


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  Second Skin ... 04:45

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  Trail of Tears ... 04:27
  The Window ... 05:25
  Borders ... 04:16
  Human ... 03:24
  Wide Open ... 04:36
  Coming Home ... 04:30
  Medusa Jane ... 03:28
  In These Bones ... 04:29
  Thunder Moon ... 05:20

Album Credits:

Pete Cummings

Electric guitar; High String guitar, Crosstick; Percussion

Tony Dominic – Fretless Bass

Jamey Haddad Percussion/Drums

William ("Billy") Hall – Background vocals

Bill Miller

Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Native Flute, Traditional Native Chant

Gary Rissmiller – Drums

Joshua Yudkin Piano, Keyboards, Accordian

Jacqline Tice – Acoustic guitar; Background vocals

Additional vocals:

JC Sarpong – ASANTI FUNERAL CHANT (Trail of Tears)

Pocono Buffalo Singers – Bill Miller, Billy Hall, Steve Tobin, Tony Dominic (Trail of Tears Native Chorus)

Jackie Tice exclusively uses John Pearse Strings on her custom Brazilian Rosewood jumbo concert acoustic, handcrafted by Oregon luthier, John Sullivan.

Artist Notes:

The best record I've ever made with the most illustrious grouping of musicians. The songs travel from the plains of North Dakota to the center of my Soul and back again.


Blue Coyote


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Blue Coyote




The Marijo Tonight


You Love the Rain




You Belong


Once Like You


Into the Fire


Grave Conclusion


Silver  Coin



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In These Bones


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  In These Bones ...        
  Second Skin ...      
  The Window ...      
  Jealous Rage ...    
  Soul's Urging ...      
  Deprivation ...      
  Medusa Jane ...      
  The Magician ...      
  Crow Flies ...      
  Your Dreams ................      
  The Rape of Leah ...    
  Francois ...      

Album Credits:

Crough Ryan – Harmonica, Percussion

Jacqline Tice – Acoustic guitar; Piano, Shaker

Engineered by Dave Reichart
Recorded at Godfrey Daniels Listening Club, Bethlehem PA
Photos/Art Direction by Micah
Cover Painting (Crows I) by Jackie Tice.

Artist Notes:

Recorded live acoustically (without an audience) at Godfrey Daniels by their best engineer, Dave! Thirteen songs of thirteen paintings I've created. Their stories, my stories, deep and long...


Let in the Joy


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  Any Little Bit ...      

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  Let In the Joy ...      
  Blackbird ...      
  One Seed ...      
  This Is Love ...      
  Into the Fire ...      
  Grandmother Moon ...      
  Great Mystery ...      
  Gypsy Treasure ...      
  Little Bird ...      
  Daughter of the Sun ...      
  Greatful Heart ...      
  Trouble ...      

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Saja Maka Music
PO Box 333
Center Valley PA 18034 USA


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